Cohen and Wolf’s Property Tax and Valuation Group counsels and represents municipalities, businesses, nonprofits, and individuals in all aspects of property tax, eminent domain, and property valuation matters. 

Our property tax practice includes representation of clients concerning the following subjects:

Municipal Tax Filings and Tax Agreements:  We assist clients in preparing all types of property tax filings, including tax exemption applications (a/k/a “quadrennial applications”), personal property declarations, farm and forest land applications under Public Act 490, and annual income and expense reports.  Our review of these filings can help ensure that your property is equitably assessed.  We also assist clients in drafting and negotiating tax abatement agreements and tax incentive agreements.

Revaluations:  We evaluate a current or proposed property tax assessment to determine the viability of a tax appeal.  Before the commencement of an appeal, we may meet with the tax assessor or the revaluation company to pursue a reduction in the assessment.  Where possible, we work to take advantage of all possible informal resolution mechanisms before pursuing an appeal.

Tax Exemptions:  We assist clients in obtaining tax exemptions for their property, including pursuing tax appeal litigation on our clients’ behalf if an exemption is denied.

Appeals to the Board of Assessment AppealsThe appeal to the Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA) is typically the first formal step to pursue tax relief.  We advocate for our clients before BAAs throughout the State of Connecticut.

Appeals to Superior Court:  We litigate assessments and other tax appeal issues in Connecticut Superior Court throughout the State of Connecticut and frequently appear before the Tax and Administrative Appeals Session of the Connecticut Superior Court in New Britain.

Pretrials, Settlement Conferences, and Mediations:  We have settled hundreds of property tax appeal cases through formal and informal settlement discussions with municipalities.

Trial Practice:  We have successfully tried numerous cases throughout the State of Connecticut.

Our eminent domain practice includes representation of clients in all types of proceedings, including takings/condemnations, court appeals concerning property valuation, and inverse condemnation claims.

If you have a property tax, eminent domain, or property valuation issue, we encourage you to consult with one of our experienced attorneys.



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