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Over the past several months, Cohen and Wolf’s Family Law Group has published many Family Law Alerts designed to educate clients about substantive areas of the law, developments in the legal system and other matters.  This alert is a little bit different because it’s about our Cohen and Wolf team and how we practice law effectively and efficiently.  Most of our clients are aware that each attorney in our Family Law Group is trained and experienced in resolving divorce cases whether by litigation, mediation or collaboration, but not everyone is aware of the important collaboration that happens within our firm, both within the Family Law Group and with other Cohen and Wolf lawyers, which benefits each and every one of our clients. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many downsides and inconveniences for lawyers and clients alike.  But a silver lining for our Family Law Group has been our weekly Zoom meetings in which we workshop cases, discuss recent caselaw developments and collaborate with one another.  While this occurred in person on an ad-hoc basis pre-COVID-19, both formally and informally, our weekly Zoom meetings have formalized these brainstorming sessions, and have enabled every member of the group to weigh in on every case in ways that were not previously possible.  The strength of our Family Law Group lies in our members, which include a former prosecutor, a retired judge, an attorney who is licensed in marriage and family therapy, and six lawyers who each have more than fifteen years of courtroom experience in all areas of family law.  Joining our weekly calls are our two capable associates and our team of seasoned paralegals, who bring their experiences, questions and input to our group discussions. 

At Cohen and Wolf, we take the “practice” of law seriously, in that we are always learning from prior experiences.  When a member of our group confronts a difficult or unique question or challenge, they bring the issue to the table for thoughtful analysis and creative solutions.  Occasionally, however, we confront a legal problem that goes beyond the collective experience of the Family Law Group, and in that instance, we have the ability to draw on the expertise of our firm’s many other practice groups, whether responding to complex tax, securities, real estate, estate planning or other queries.  In any case, when our clients choose a Cohen and Wolf Family Law Group member to represent them in a family matter, they gain the collective expertise of our experienced family law members, and the “deep bench” of a forty-five lawyer firm with approximately twenty different practice groups. 

Our family lawyers are ready to help with your legal problems – large and small.  Whether you plan to litigate your case, work within the collaborative process, or mediate, we look forward to creatively resolving your legal issues, drawing on the deep experience of our Cohen and Wolf team. 

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