Divorce Mediation Can Be Civil, Cost Effective and Time Efficient


By:  Jacqueline F. Barbara

If you have been thinking about divorce and would like the process to be civil, cost-effective, and time-efficient, mediation may be a route to consider. Mediation can reduce litigation, and the heightened conflict, financial drain and emotional pain that often accompany prolonged divorce proceedings. Mediation offers the ability to creatively structure an agreement that best suits both parties and their family. The primary focus in mediation is restructuring the parenting and financial aspects of the family, setting the stage for the most positive situation possible going forward.

How does mediation work? The parties select a divorce mediator, who is often also an attorney. The mediator initiates and guides the parties’ communication and negotiations, while maintaining neutrality. The mediator assists the parties in preparing all necessary court documents, and files them with the court on the parties’ behalf. The parties and the mediator meet regularly to discuss issues, and achieve mutual agreements.. The mediator can also assist in decisions regarding pension valuations, appraisals, accountants and family therapists. When the parties are cooperative, this process can take up to 90 days.

For parties who have time constraints or children at home, mediation can be conducted on-line via a confidential platform, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Documents can be electronically shared, exchanged and filed, and all meetings can be conducted virtually.

As a result of the pandemic, the family courts in Connecticut are conducting in-person proceedings only for emergency cases. All other hearings are conducted on Microsoft Teams.

Jacqueline F. Barbara, has been practicing family law for 30 years. She has been involved in Special Master process in Connecticut Superior Courts, a program that is designed to settle cases. Jacqueline F. Barbara is an experienced mediator in divorce and custody proceedings and post judgment matters involving finances and custody. Attorney Barbara is skilled in her ability to assist the parties in designing a resolution and a fair settlement that works best for both parties and their family. The goal of mediation is to create a “win-win” that will strengthen the party’s ability to cooperate in the future. The parties walk away from mediation knowing that they have considered all the options and selected an outcome that is best for them.

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