Cohen and Wolf’s Lunch & Learn Series: Your Guide to Balanced Nutrition with Mary Braisted RDN, CDN


To help educate us on the importance of balanced nutrition in our daily lives, Cohen and Wolf’s Wellness Committee welcomed Mary Braisted RDN, CDN to its Lunch and Learn Series on July 6, 2022 in which she addressed easy ways to maintain a healthy diet. As a Registered Dietitian in Connecticut, Mrs. Braisted has been helping people focus on sustainable regimens to improve their nutritional health for over 10 years.

In her presentation, Mrs. Braisted highlighted beneficial information about proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and provided a formula for adequate water intake. To accommodate our busy schedules, she provided meal preparation ideas to build a healthy plate, groceries shopping tips, and ways to keep those healthy options readily available.

With her “quick breakfast” and “smart snacking” suggestions, Mrs. Braisted outlined how to start the day off right while controlling fullness and boosting energy throughout the day. Clarifying that eating out, in moderation, is allowed, Mrs. Braisted also provided tips to help stay on track, such as keeping a food log or journal. She cautioned about fad diets that can impede our metabolism and to avoid creating strict boundaries that can do more damage than good.

“My passion lies in balance. Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated especially with our busy schedules,” explained Mrs. Braisted. “It’s about creating healthier habits. It’s about shifting the (old) habits.”

Over the course of her career, Mrs. Braisted’s mission is to teach people a successful approach, focusing on ease and sustainability to achieve balance. She’s been featured on Channel 8 New’s “CT Style” in 2019 for creating healthy dishes with Thanksgiving leftovers. Currently, Mrs.  Braisted is a Registered Dietitian for Community Health Center Inc.

We appreciate Mrs. Braisted’s motivating and informative discussion at our Lunch and Learn Series, and are thankful for her passion to keep us healthy.

Mary Braisted

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