Cohen and Wolf's Lunch & Learn Series: Creating A Safe Business Space for Your Transgender and Nonbinary Client


In celebration of Pride month 2024, we welcomed certified life coach, trainer, and public speaker Tony Ferraiolo for a powerful DEI Lunch & Learn session on June 11, 2024. As Health Care Advocates International's Youth and Family Program Director, Tony has been saving and changing the lives of many transgender and non-binary youth.

During the session, Tony gave an informative overview of common terminology and misconceptions to help understand the journeys of transgender and nonbinary youth. Tony’s heart-wrenching examples of how youth suffer from anxiety and depression linked to gender dysphoria, coupled with the alarming suicide statistics, emphasized the need to provide support for the transgender community.  He emphasized the fact that being misgendered causes real damage. 

“For most of us, gender identity is one of the core elements of who we are,” he said. “You may not realize it until you are misgendered.” He further explained that we can help individuals live their authentic lives by calling them by their preferred names and pronouns.

Relating his discussion to the business world, Tony reminded us of the importance of continuing our support for our transgender and nonbinary clients.

 “As attorneys you can be an ally to the transgender and nonbinary community by advocating for inclusive policies, offering legal support for name and gender market changes, fighting discrimination, and providing representation in cases related to healthcare, employment housing and civil rights violations,” he stated.

For over two decades, Tony has been training in varying professional settings. He has dedicated himself to both promoting competent and respectful health care for the transgender community, by educating providers, and advocating on behalf of patients. Tony inspires people to “live the life you always imagined.”

We were honored to host Tony’s moving session at our Lunch and Learn Series for Pride Month and are thankful for his time and insight.

Tony Ferraiolo

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