Cohen and Wolf, P.C. Encourages Women Attorneys to explore “Common Connections” through the Arts


At Cohen and Wolf P.C., we believe in fostering a culture that values not just legal excellence but also meaningful connections and personal growth.

One highlight of our firm's ethos is our “Common Connections: Luncheon for Women in the Law”, a recurring event that brings together the incredible female attorneys and administrators of Cohen and Wolf P.C., who are an integral component of the foundation of our success.

This luncheon series serves as an invaluable opportunity for all women-identifying attorneys and administrators of our firm to foster deeper connections with each other and engage in non-legal conversations for a few hours using literature, arts, and culture as a tool for growth, connection, and learning.

Recently, in place of a luncheon, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Tatiana DaSilva, and Robyn Drucker, of the Bridgeport office, organized a subcommittee to explore interest in attending a dance performance at renowned dance center, Jacob’s Pillow in Becket, Mass. Jacob’s Pillow is an established hub for dance enthusiasts and artists alike, that celebrates the power of movement and expression through the art of dance.

The group of 16 attendees enjoyed, and later reflected upon, a performance by BI-POC led, percussive dance company, Sole Defined.

Hurwitz says events like these are important because “It is a chance for us to spend time together beyond the legal realm. We share stories, experiences, and passions, allowing us to find common ground and build stronger relationships. The empathy we gain from sharing our experiences ultimately leads to a more connected, cohesive team”.   

Tatiana Dasilva says that “seeing a dance group like Sole Defined was particularly powerful in fostering stronger personal connections with my colleagues”, because it provided an opportunity to open discussion on her own lived experiences as a dancer and what dance meant to her.  

Common Connections: Luncheon for Women in the Law” Series is not just an event, it's a celebration of unity, bonding, and togetherness for all women attorneys and administrators here at Cohen and Wolf, leading to a more connected, unified team who are to empathize with people of all walks of life.  

Women attorneys at Cohen and Wolf, P.C. in Bridgeport connect through the Arts

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