Employers' Primer on Sexual Discrimination and Harassment


Attorney Stuart M. Katz, Cohen and Wolf, will provide a high level overview of many of the pitfalls that employers face with a special focus on issues relating to sexual discrimination and harassment.  We’ll go over policies and procedures relating to harassment complaints, the roles of management and directors, policies for on-boarding and training staff, and issues relating to communications.

  • Hiring (background checks, onboarding)
  • Personnel files
  • Handbooks – what language should be included re: SH (what constitutes sexual discrimination/harassment, reporting procedures, retaliation, disciplinary actions)
  • How SH issues relate to Interns/Volunteers/Seasonal staff/Board members
  •  Trainings that employers should provide (ex. sexual harassment prevention)
  •  Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)


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