Cohen and Wolf’s summer program prepares law students for a career in the legal profession by exposing them to a broad array of practice areas, providing practical experience, and by fostering a supportive environment that mirrors the first-year associate experience.  It is the firm’s intention that our summer associates become our first-year associates and, in time, leaders within the firm.

Structure and Mentorship
Excellent mentorship is a cornerstone of Cohen and Wolf’s summer program.  Each year, the 10-week summer program is run by one or more Summer Associate Coordinators, who are attorneys in the firm responsible for coordinating and managing the workload and schedules of the summer associates.  Summer associates are encouraged to connect with the Summer Associate Coordinators regularly, and to discuss concerns or issues as they arise. Each summer associate is also assigned an associate mentor to help guide them through the summer.  Additionally, the firm’s open-door culture encourages and supports the natural development of informal mentorship relationships between attorneys and summer associates. 

Quality Work Assignments and Practical Experience
Cohen and Wolf is proud to provide law students with quality work assignments and professional experiences representative of the depth and complexity of our practice. Summer associates can receive assignments from attorneys in all areas of the firm’s practice and are encouraged to seek assignments or experiences in areas that interest them.   In addition to research and writing assignments, summer associates receive practical, hands on experience by shadowing attorneys in the courtroom, and at depositions, client meetings and closings throughout the program.

Summer associates receive feedback directly from attorneys on an ongoing basis as projects progress to completion. In addition, each summer associate receives a mid- and end-of-summer review of their performance.  These meetings also serve as opportunities for summer associates to provide the firm with feedback about the summer program so that we can continue to ensure that we are meeting the expectations and needs of our summer associates.

Each year, Cohen and Wolf is eager to welcome summer associates into our community through a wide variety of summer associate and firm events. Throughout the summer, the firm hosts several social events, including informal happy hours, receptions and excursions around Connecticut and New York, dinners at the homes of attorneys, and, consistent with our commitment to community service, volunteer opportunities within the Bridgeport community.

Hiring Process
Cohen and Wolf is proud of its history of hiring first-year associates upon completion of the summer program. To that end, we typically hire only two summer associates each year. Given the size and goals of the summer program, and the value that it provides to the firm, we generally complete our call back process prior to making offers for summer associate positions.  Compensation is competitive with other law firms in the area.  If you have any questions or concerns about our timeline, please talk to us.

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