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Weston native Susan F. Filan, Esq., and former MSNBC Senior Legal Analyst and NBC News legal analyst, and former Connecticut state prosecutor, is Of Counsel to Cohen and Wolf in Westport, Connecticut.

An accomplished trial lawyer, Attorney Filan provides clients with criminal defense and matrimonial representation. In addition to her litigation background, Filan has added mediation to her diverse repertoire of services.

Filan comes at her profession from a paradoxically spiritual, yet pragmatic and iron fisted view point, putting into her daily practice what she takes from her own heart and experience. Versatile and more humane than her remarkable credentials suggest, Filan has much to offer clients who face real challenges in their lives.

Filan began her career in 1991 as a tough, fair minded advocate as a Special Public Defender at a New Haven legal aid clinic, representing indigent defendants charged with crimes. She then entered private practice, first in New Haven and then in Bridgeport, with a concentration in criminal defense and matrimonial law at both the trial and appellate levels, in both state and Federal courts. In 1998, she was appointed Deputy Assistant State’s Attorney in the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney in the Gang and Continuing Crime Unit. Thereafter, she became an Assistant State’s Attorney in Bridgeport.

Dynamic change is something Filan knows about. In May 2005, she was hired by NBC News and MSNBC to provide exclusive legal analysis of the Michael Jackson trial from Santa Maria, CA. Filan became NBC News’ go-to legal analyst, often appearing on The Today Show. In 2006, she was promoted to MSNBC Senior Legal Analyst.

With a talent for explaining complex legal issues in a compelling yet accessible way, Filan has shared her insights on a number of high profile cases, including those of O.J. Simpson, David Letterman, Tiger Woods, and Jon Benet Ramsey. Filan has dissected the legal troubles of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Bernie Madoff, bringing a wealth of practical courtroom experience to TV viewers with her entertaining, incisive, and no-nonsense approach.

Filan has appeared on every major network to include NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, CNN, Fox News, “Larry King Live”, and is quoted in print media around the world.

Filan is admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court; United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit; United States District Court for the District of Connecticut; and the State of Connecticut. Filan is a member of the Connecticut, Greater Bridgeport Bar and Fairfield County Bar Associations, and of the Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. She is a member of the Family and Criminal Law Sections of the Greater Bridgeport and Fairfield County Bar Associations. Filan serves as a special master, appointed by the Superior Court, to mediate divorce and custody disputes in the Regional Family Trial Docket in Middletown.

Attorney Filan grew up in a family of lawyers. It is in her blood. Her father is retired state Appellate Court Judge Frederick A. Freedman; her uncle is retired U.S. District Court Judge Alan H. Nevas; and her late great uncle, Leo Nevas, something of a local legend who, at the age of 97, was still practicing law.

Attorney Filan is the proud mother of two daughters.

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